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Dental Insurance For Family - The Pro's and Con's Of Family Dental Insurance

Buying dental insurance for your family is a good, solid investment in your family health care needs. Regular check-ups, cleanings and fluoride treatments are very important in order to prevent any very expensive major dental expenses from occurring later in life. But what if you or one of your family members already have a major dental problem that must be taken care of and you haven't bought your family dental insurance policy yet? Unfortunately, you'd have no choice but to pay the full amount of the dental costs yourself with no assistance from the insurance company.
The reason for this is because dental insurance companies, like any other health insurance company, do not cover pre-existing conditions until you've held the plan in good standing for at least one full year. After a year has passed then most companies will begin to help you with your pre-existing issues on a progressive scale.
This progressive scale means that the company will pay a small percentage of the cost after one year, such as 10%, and then progressively increase your coverage each year. An example would be 10, 25, 50%, etc. over the next four years. This means that by the time your dental insurance for family policy really kicks in and pays for your major dental care, you may have already invested a few thousand dollars in insurance premiums and received nothing more than preventive dental care. PLUS, you also had to pay deductibles too! It just doesn't seem like such a great deal anymore, does it?
Rather than buy dental insurance for family, as a former health agent, I recommend that you invest in a dental discount plan instead. You'll pay one low annual fee for your family (usually around $150.00) and then you'll receive big discounts off of the normal cost of both preventive and major dental care. This means that you can save big on braces, dentures, root canals and more.
So instead of buying dental insurance for your family, invest in a good dental discount plan and start saving anywhere from 10% to 60% off your family dental care needs right away!
Watch The New Video "Dental Insurance vs Dental Discount Plans". Find Out The REAL Truth by Visiting or by clicking on Dental Insurance For Family . Joe Stewart is a former Life And Health Insurance Agent that now works for himself by providing solid, expert information to consumers.

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