Applications are invited for the post of one Senior Research Assistant under Prosthodontics Department, KG Medical University, UP, Lucknow with likely tenure of 2 years from date of appointment 1. Post: Senior Research Assistant 2. No.of. Post: 01 3. Qualification- BDS Degree (l Division) with 1 year internship 4.Emoluments- Rs. 22,000/-p.m. (Fixed).


Guardian Dental Providers - The Truth

Guardian Dental Insurance Company is a major player in insurance in United States of America. With Guardian's presence in market for over 150 years, the company has a ready made reputation and goodwill in the market. Guardian Dental Insurance Company provides insurance plans to match individual needs and requirements and that too at a reasonable and affordable price. The best part is the list of Guardian Dental Providers is easily available on internet and people can take the benefit which is just a click away. It has become simple for a member to find a dentist care option on its website and then can easily contact the dentist in their locality. The number of Guardian Dental Providers is increasing day by day and reaching a new milestone with each passing day. If reports are to be believed then this company is the most trusted company in United States of America. The company provides its members with an option of electronic directory where each member can search for PPO or Dental Health Maintenance Organisation (DHMO) Network for dental services providers as per the locality where they live.
There are benefits additional to normal benefits for members who enjoy PPO if they get a dentist with in the network. These members get special discounts. One additional benefit to PPO members is that they can also choose a dentist outside the network however out of pocket costs can go high in this situation. Similarly, if a member comes under DHMO then if he or she chooses from DHMO network, they can also enjoy cost cutting for their pockets. DHMO members can not choose a dentist without pre approval.
The biggest advantage here is that an individual or employer can search for Guardian Dental Providers online with a tool called "Guardian Anytime" at any hour of the day. The option works 24/7 and gives a lot of flexibility to its members. Along with that, one can also check the plan details, claim amount and other details related to their specific plan and in general on the website as per his or her need and time availability.
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